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Giving/getting a massage is kinda like getting/giving a hug, I think. idk. Or maybe it's more like sex because you're working hard to please someone, but I try not to think of it that way if the person's family because good lord.
Maybe it's like overly casual no-commitment sex where the other person always leaves satisfied? I wouldn't know. and I don't think I've ever had a massage that was awkward the way awkward hugs are often awkward.

P.S. First person to buy me a massage chair gets free massages until Christmas. :o You bring the KY and John Redcorn music.

On Enchantments

My original post was eloquent and long, but then the Internet went out. I think it's trying to tell me something.

Anyway, got new friends this past month and haven't updated at all. So, to those who haven't heard, The endless Forest is a great way to relax.

Free download link: tale-of-tales.com/TheEndlessForest/

Also, pictures:

It's got some great user-created content in the forums and some sweet concept art.
Now they have a completely fanart-filed Endless Forest calendar, the funds from which will suport new features and server upkeep!

So check it out!

Writer's Block: Life of the Party

Do you know any party tricks that can impress a crowd? Or even just a little kid?
I can do crazy contortionist stuff with my shoulders.

I'm also a firetwirler, so I know some cool fire tricks like the hand-on-fire thing and the flaming-goblet thing and picking-up-fire thing.

and, I really like this one, but I figured out an easy chemical technique wherein, at the drink table, I pour one cup of 'water' into a glass of 'water' and it glows. It's easy to figure out the trick, but the first time they see it people are dumbfounded and think you're a wizard.

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